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We are leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Grow Bags, Vermi Bed, Azolla Bed, Shade Nets, Nursery Bag, Seedling Tray, Roof Top Gardening & Kitchen Garden Accessories. We uphold our uniqueness by maintaining unwavering commitment to both quality and timely material delivery.

Welcome to GML Grow Bag

Your trusted provider of premium organic grow bags designed to optimize plant growth, sustainability, and gardening success. Our mission is to offer top-quality organic grow bags that provide the perfect environment for plants to flourish while minimizing the impact on the environment.

About Grow Bag

  • Best suitable for Home Garden, Terrace Gardening, Kitchen Gardening, Terrace Poly House Gardening & Roof Top Balcony Gardening.

  • UV Stabilized Grow Bag – 240 Gsm.

  • Durability of Bag is 5 to 6 Years & can use many times in your Garden. The perfect present for gardeners of all levels.

  • Thick, Reusable, Washable, Foldable, Durable and UV treated Grow Bag for longer life in hot and cold weather. Suitable for growing all types of vegetables, fruits and flower plants.

Temperature Regulation

Grow bags help regulate soil temperature, preventing excessive heat build-up during hot weather and providing insulation during cooler seasons.

Space Efficiency

Grow bags come in various sizes and shapes, allowing efficient use of space in your garden.

Reusable and Eco-Friendly

Grow bags are durable and reusable, making them a sustainable choice for gardening.



Tq so much.. good product..i suggest to who wants grow bags.. their quality is good 👍 worth of money​
Jyotsna Reddy
Very good quality grow bags. This evening has come just like it was in the picture, keep it up, you will keep sending products like this.✨❣️🙏
Tanishq Sharma
Very good product. Exactly 12×12 inch. You can grow vegetables or little larger flower plants easily. Sturdy and cost effective. Thank you.​
Nivedita Paul

Discover the best value for your money with our unbeatable prices and exceptional quality.




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